How to update your UIDAI card online

Here is the complete guide to update your UIDAI card online. As we know that the goernmnet of India had launched a new portal in order to get update your aadhaar card. If you have an aadhaar card you can make all the necessary changes as per mentioned below. But make sure that you have to follow the necessary guidelines which we are represented here.

There are two method mainly to update your aadhaar card. One is via online and other method is to through offline, Two of the methods is quite easy to follow. But, make sure that your UIDAI card is linked up with the mobile number such that you can make easy uidai update. If your mobile number is not linked up with the UIDAI card. Then in that case we do request you to contact the nearest UIDAI office center to get it updated asap.

Here are the two methods it get it updated your aadhaar card asap

We would always like to advise you to go through the online procedure. Because you can check  the status of the application.

First of all you need to visit the official website link here. Once you checked in to that website make sure to fill out all the basic required details then after verify your mobile number through OTP.

You can now ready to make changes. As per UIDAI website you can make whatever changes as per mentioned on the website as like name , address, email Id, mobile number and gender.

Fill up the application form without any mistake. 
Attach all the necessary documents that are required for it.
Make sure to attach only the required documents.

Once you done with the correction changes- Then click on submit the details for more check out here.

Once the details are submitted. Your application will be subjected to review. Sfter verification of your application you will track the status of your update UIDAI card online.

Make sure to note down the URN number for future reference. With out URN you can't able to track the status of your UID card online.

Hope you will get understand.

The complete procedure through offline:

In case if want to go through the offline procedure. The first step that you need to follow is to download the application form here. Here is the application form link.

Just fill that application form in capital letters and do also wrote in local language.

Attach the necessary documents to it.

On top of the envelop write as " Aadaar card correction / Update online " and done withe posting.
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