What Is The Process Of Caste Certificate Verification Online

Just before this article we have written one of the top notch article on how to apply for duplicate caste certificate in india online have a look at those . Mean while today we are going to share on what is the process of caste certificate verification , is there are any verification process that will be done in 2016 online or offline , if so what is the process. Certificate online is india's biggest site that gives most of the information about all types of certificates that we are discussed over here. If you need to know more information about caste certificate then do contact us or comment here , we are here to help you out related to this article , below we share the complete list of information on want is the process of caste certificate verification and how to approach on it , we tend to share the best of the information right over here in 2016(updated). The process will be take in two methods one is offline and other is online .

The central government of india and mandal revenue office is planning to launch the portal website in order to track the status of caste certificate and also apply for caste certificate online .To be practical launching that type of sites will be a kinda bit risky process maintaining that large amount of data and proceeding the new window for the verification in 2016 , other information as well . Any way once the site was launched we will let you know the details of information via email or we to update this site so that you will let you know the details ,  on the process of verification in 2015. Below is the article on how to verify the details of caste certificate online in india 2016 with complete information to let you know the details .


 Caste Certificate Verification OnlineWe got an email from one of the subscriber in 2015 , asking that is there any possible to get the caste certificate process of verification will be done via online, if so what is the name of the application and how to approach for it . Is there any state wide website will be there in order to proceed the verification please let me know.

For the sake of one subscriber , we decided to give you the information about this on how to approach to get the caste certificate process of verification on online or offline and what is the application form that they are using in order to get the certificate online .

1) As we already stated the revenue department of india has been planning to launch the website in order to apply for caste certificate and also need to know the details for verification.

2) Unfortunately , you cannot verify your caste certificate via online in 2016. If and only if there is an government approval website will be launched then only it's possible until and unless you can't verify via online.

3) And , according to the news that there is no other application form will be there in order to verify your details in all types of castes like scheduled caste or backward or general. Once you have been applied via online through eseva or meseva or any mandal revenue officer there will verify your details by person wise by visiting your home . once their will conforming then you will get the via offline with in a 2-3 weeks approximately . We are not sure with in how many days that you will get the caste certificate , but as per our estimation it will reach to you with in a 2-3 weeks

4) so, at the end what we are really mean to say is there is no process of caste certification verification via online , you must have to visit the nearest branch officer in order to verify the details of caste certificate . Below is the complete article on how to approach via offline with clear steps , have a look at those information so that you will get an idea.


1) The process of caste certification via online is merely depends on the location that you were leaving , for example in andhra pradesh the process of verification will be done at meseva or any eseva . Same as like , but most of the verification process will be done at mandal revenue office probably.

2) Here is the actual step by step process in 2016 , once you were applied the caste certificate then you will need to submit certain documents in order to get done verification whatever it may be either backward or scheduled caste SC or ST or OBC or OC.

3) Once , you were submitted the documents then all an officer will give you the acknowledgement number or receipt number in order to find the status of caste certificate . An , employee in mandal revenue officer will check out all of the information that weather you have been submitted will be right or wrong . once they will got conformed then you will get an conformation letter.

4) You have to pay the fee , the fee is same to all the people may be it was around 100/- . Once you will pay the fee you will get conformation message to your phone .

5) After successfully verification of caste certificate , with in a 2-3 weeks ( approximately ) you will get an certificate to your address whatever it may be either SC or ST or OBC or OC.

Further the OBC has been categorized in to five categories :

  1. BC-A
  2. BC-B
  3. BC-C
  4. BC-D
  5. BC-E ( Mostly for minorities )
If you have any doubts regarding this section then do comment here we are here to help you out related to this . Whatever doubt that you have we are here to help you out . Below we do share the some of the most common doubts that you may have in your mind have a look at those so that you will get an idea.

Q: 1 I want a single answer , is caste certificate verification process will be done online or not ?


Q: 2 Is there any application form that we need to submit in order for the process of verification ?

A: There is no any application needed of verification caste certificate ill exist . Only single application form may be exist.

Q: 3 How to get caste certificate with out process of verification ? Is it possible ?

A: If you approach by our own self then it won't possible . But , if you contact any agent to do your work on behalf of you then there is any possible ways may be exist.

Q: 4 How much time does it takes place to get my scheduled certificate ? is there any delay for SC/ST other than OBC or OC ?

A: The process will be same to all of the people . It won't depend on the SC/ST/OBC/OC . Approximately it will take any where 2-3 weeks depend on the location that you were leaving.

Q: 5 I applied caste certificate , and it has been 2 months I haven't received what to do ?

A: Please do contact the office where you have been applied , or near by any mandal revenue officer they will give the clarity on your application form by discussing with their committee. 

The above article will be applicable to all states like andhra pradesh(ap) , Arunachal pradesh(ar) , Assam(as) , chhatisgarh(ct) , goa(ga) , gujarat(gj) , Bihar(br) , haryana(hr) , Himachal pradesh(hp) , jammu and kashmir (jk) , jharkhand(jh) , Karnataka(ka) , kerala(kl) , Madhya pradesh (mp) , maharashtra(mh) , manipur(mn) , mehgalaya(ml) , mizoram(mz) , nagaland(nl) , odisha(or) , punjab(pb) , rajasthan(rj) , sikkim(sk) , Tamil nadu(tn), Telangana(tg) , tripura(tr) , Uttar pradesh(up) , uttarkhand(ut) , west bengal(wb) , delhi(dl).

Cities : Delhi(dl) , Hyderabad , akola , amravati , aurangabad , bangalore , bhopal(bpl) ,bengali , west bengal(wb) , barti , belapur , dhule , kolkata , chennai , mumbai , pune , ghaziabad , kolhapur ,konkam bhavan , latur , nashik , nagpur division , rangareddy , ranchi , ratnagiri, raigad , sangli , warangal , agra , upsc , chandrapur , dhule , kanpur , solapur , thane.

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